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Student Leadership

square leadershipThere are many opportunities for all Year 6 students to lead and take responsibility. Following a leadership development program conducted in Year 5, children are invited to nominate for the various leadership positions for the following year. The school elects two students (one girl and one boy) to fulfill the role of School Captains. Supporting the school captains are four school representative council members. In addition to these roles, there are four leadership groups who have specific roles to play within the school. Year 6 students are invited to nominate to be a member of a group and are asked to commit to contributing to the aims and objectives of the group which is in line with the school Vision and Mission statement.

The leadership groups are:

  • Spirituality
  • Environment
  • Sport
  • Road Crew

Leadership positions are publically proclaimed and the position holders are blessed and commissioned at a school Mass at the beginning of the new school year.

Each leadership group is assigned to a school leadership team member who meets with the group regularly and acts as a mentor.