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English is the Key Learning Area where students develop knowledge skills and understandings about English language and literature.  The outcomes and content in the English K-6 Syllabus are organised in three strands:

  • Talking and Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

The outcomes describe the knowledge, skills, understandings and strategies that students demonstrate when learning to talk, listen, read and write.  They also specify the knowledge and understandings students develop when learning about talking, listening, reading and writing. These outcomes are achieved as students engage with the content of the syllabus.

The aim of the school's English program is to develop competence in the uses of language, and to encourage positive attitudes towards learning English, to develop students' ability in using language effectively and to enable critical reflection on how language works.  

Students are guided in:

  • developing competence in learning and using language in a broad range of context
  • developing knowledge about the varieties and pattern of language use
  • using language to learn in all areas of the curriculum