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Many parishes, including ours, are strongly embracing the idea of stewardship. Being a steward is simply seeing ourselves as “fellow workers with God” (1 Cor 3:9). Responding to the call of Jesus, as a committed disciple, started with the Apostles. Being a disciple of Jesus has always been integral to the Church’s teaching and practice ever since.

Being a steward is being aware of God’s abundance and of our trust in that abundance. “All that exists comes from God, all is by God and for God, and to God be glory forever.” (Rom 11:36)

Being God’s steward means managing responsibly the God-given resources we have – our time, our talent and our resources, our treasure. A stewardship lifestyle enhances the relationships we have with God and with one another. Being God’s steward means trying to live out a commitment to be more Christ-centred and less self-centred. It involves a conversion of our heart, which is what Lent and Easter are all about! Stewardship is a life-long journey, with each of us at a different stage on the journey. At every step forward we are challenged to go further in accepting and loving God’s will. Blessed Mary MacKillop said: “to me the will of God is a dear book which I am never tired of reading, which always has some new charm for me.”

Seeing ourself as a steward of God’s gifts to us, lies at the heart and soul of living as a Catholic Christian. It isn’t so much something we do, as having a lens through which we view the way to live our life! Being God’s steward can permeate our entire way of living as a Catholic, because it is founded on being a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Seeing ourselves as God’s stewards has the power to change how we understand our lives, thus influencing the choices we make everyday