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History of our School

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Mary MacKillop had a great sense of mission. She had an inner drive which convinced her the best thing a human being could do, was to seek and follow God's will for their lives. Mary had a motto, "Never see an evil without trying to remedy it." The most obvious need was the lack of education for the rural poor. Thus, the establishment of free schools, especially for children of the outback became the primary means by which early Josephites endeavoured to create an environment in which God's news of love could be heard and responded to.

The Sisters of St Joseph arrived in the parish of Picton in May, 1880, and on 16 May Sisters Veronica Champion and Stephanie opened the Primary School of St Anthony's. Sr.Veronica wrote to Mary MacKillop saying. "I like this place … it is very beautiful. I expect to have a good school before long. The people are extremely kind."

Our school honours and proudly celebrates our Josephite tradition.